Futures Foundation

Our Mission:

HC Futures Foundation is committed to providing the underprivileged communities of America the proper resources and opportunities to assist in closing the ever growing entry barriers of Baseball and Softball.


We give away new and gently used equipment to athletes in need and families that may not be able to afford the fees to play or equipment to be a part of a team. We also take in donations to be able to give people the opportunity to play!

Day of Giving Pittsburgh 2023

We are always looking for people to volunteer their time to give back to our community through fundraising, events, donations and equipment drives. 

If you want to Volunteer or Donate Equipment, please click the link above to reach out!


We always accept donations to the Futures Foundation to help with donations to leagues, funding our costs to donate equipment, hosting equipment in areas and giving back to kids in need, It’s up to YOU to help our community grow this game and provide more opportunities for the athletes in need.

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