FROM A PERFORMANCE TRAINING ASPECT Note from our Athletic Performance Director, Sam Cumbo When is the best time to maximize your development as an athlete? Trick Question.  You should be growing and developing year-round.  No excuses. There are two main reasons that you shouldn’t be taking more than 2 weeks off throughout the year to […]

The Biggest Training Mistake You Could Make

Muscle confusion.  What a phrase that is.  To think that “confusing” your muscles are going to lead into progress is the #1 mistake you can make in the gym.  When has purposeful confusion ever been a good thing? Here’s why it is the worst thing you could do when you are looking to reach a […]

Work Ethic of a College Baseball Player

Some people come to me and say, “Ronnie, can you explain to my son/daughter how hard you had to work to play at Canisius?” My first response to them is that you can’t quantify work ethic. You can’t put a number on how many swings you have to take in a day to be good. You […]