We Strive to be the BEST

Our mission is to develop all levels of baseball to be the best they can be. We are driven to make a statement on the national level to continue growing the game of baseball! Our goal is to connect with as many players as we can and help them be the best version of themselves. Hot Corner Athletics is a quickly growing developmental organization and we pride ourselves in giving out the best information and content that we have! We currently have 2 sister organizations that work very closely together:

Hot Corner Baseball Academy

Our Baseball Academy has seen over 250+ players reach the collegiate level and over 30 players drafted into the MLB Draft. We continue to develop our youth to being fundamentally sound athletes that love the game and enjoy coming back to train. Our goal is to help YOU reach YOUR goals and dreams. We will push you to your limits with the understanding that we are helping you reach your potential!

Hot Corner Performance Center

Our Sports Performance Center is led by the best Sports Performance Trainer in our area, Sam Cumbo. Sam is passionate about helping players get faster, stronger and more mobile. We want to make sure that our athletes understand the importance of keeping their bodies in shape even when their playing careers are over! We have seen players make HUGE strides in their performance on an off the field. Our players will set and break goals, reach performance limits that they never knew existed, while being as confident as they can in the weight room. The Sports Performance aspect of our company is the game changer for our athlete’s performance on the field.

Hot Corner is now a member with the Amherst Chamber of Commerce.