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Always Grind: Hitter’s Notebook


The ALWAYS GRINDHitter’s Notebook is designed to give ALWAYS GRIND  Athletes  the proactive tools  needed to track  their  progress throughout  the  season and off-season.  Included in this notebook are sections for hitters to develop their daily routines, reflect on practice sessions, and receive instant feedback during their progress. By creating proactive habits for development and analyzing their practice  routines, ALWAYS GRIND Athletes create a competitive advantage for themselves and their team. They become “Students of the Game.”  The ALWAYS GRINDHitter’s Notebook is crucial in a player’s development.

  • Routines Pages (Practice & Pre-Game Hitting Routines)
  • 50 Cage & Practice Pages (Broken Down Into Sections)
  • Notes Pages
  • 132 Total Pages
  • Ownership Page
  • Spiral Bound for Lay-Flat Capability
  • Size: A5 (5.83″ x 8.27″ / 148 x 210 mm)

CUSTOMIZABLE for Schools & Programs (Contact Via Email)

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