One Way to Coach a Better Team IN GAMES!

One Way to Coach a Better Team IN GAMES!

Coaches, have you ever wondered why your team looks so great in practice, but come game time, they make a ton of mistakes and struggle to perform?

Have you ever wondered, “How do I get more out of my underachieving team?”

I asked myself this same question 3 years ago when I was coaching my 15U summer team. We had some CRAZY talent on the team but we were underperforming terribly. I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting at home thinking about some ideas when I remembered what one of my roommates used to read all the time .. One Pitch Warrior .. I thought, “what the heck, let’s check it out.” 

That was the best decision I made that season. I started reading Coach Justin Dehmer’s One Pitch Warrior books and I came across the TPI Model for baseball games and it is GENIUS. It’s like a game within a game. This process covers everything on where each team is under performing, which should be the focus of practice time in the coming weeks.

TPI — Team Process Index

You see a lot of players underachieving and being selfish. I see a lot of players on the sidelines and on the bench disengaged from the action. How do we keep them engaged in the game the whole time? The answer is TPI. I will explain exactly what it is in a minute. 

It’s really hard to keep players into the game the whole time because we allow the emotions and ebs and flows to get in the way throughout the course of the game. I saw with the TPI that no matter what the score was, my team always thought they had a chance to come back. We came up with a score that we needed to succeed and our goal was to get to that score. If we did, we won, A LOT. When we didn’t, we lost, almost every time. I think that giving the players a game within the game will allow them to focus more on the team goals than their individual goals. This is really important when coaching a summer travel team.

Remember that the kids play a lot of games. They lose focus sometimes and it’s important to keep them engaged. Do you, as a coach, have a game within the game? I believe that doing this allows the players to focus on what we are doing as a team, rather than what the other team is doing OR what has happened in the game up to this point.

So …. What is TPI? 

There are 10 Key Indicators

  1. Error Differential 
  2. Walks/HBP Differential
  3. Strikeout Differential
  4. Stolen Base Differential

The B.A.S.E.2 System makes up indicators 5 through 9

5.  Big Inning

6.  Answer Back

7.  Score First

8.  Extend the Lead

9.  Score with 2 Outs

10. The Quality At-Bat System

How do you score TPI??

  1. Error Differential — If Team A makes 2 Errors and Team B make 4 Errors, Team A gets +2 points
  2. Walks/HBP Differential — If Team A has 10 BB/HBP and Team B has 5 BB/HBP, Team A gets +5 points
  3. Strikeout Differential — If Team A strikes out 5 times and Team B strikes out 8 times, Team A gets +3 points
  4. Stolen Base Differential — If Team A steals 1 base and Team 2 steals 0 bases, Team A gets +1 points
  5. Big Inning — If Team A score 5 runs in their big inning and Team B scores 4 runs in there big inning, Team A gets 10 points
  6. Answer Back — If Team A answers back immediately after Team B scores, Team A gets 10 points
  7. Score First — 10 points if Teams A scores first
  8. Extend the Lead — If Team A extends their lead when they have it, they receive 10 points
  9. Score with 2 outs — If Team A has 2 outs and they score a run, they receive 10 points
  10. The QAB System — The goal for a lot of teams is 50% QAB. IF your team gets 50% QAB, you take 0.50 x 10 = 5 points for Team A

*All of this information is from the One Pitch Warrior website. None of this information is my original content. All of this information is accessible online at and is 100% the content from 1PW and Coach Dehmer*

I believe that the TPI is the best way to keep your team engaged throughout the course of a game, tournament, series of games, etc. Keeping them involved is a really big deal if you want to win games. Check out TPI on Coach Dehmer’s One Pitch Warrior Site.

If you break down Team A’s production in this example, they would receive a final score of 65 points. For my team, if we score 60 or more points, we won and if we scored under 60 points, we were .500.

Coaches, if you have any questions about the 1PW model and want to know more about TPI, I have studied it and implemented it into my games. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for more information regarding this topic!

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