Are You Getting Outworked By The Competition?

Are You Getting Outworked By The Competition?

“Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

– Tim Notke

We’ve all seen this quote somewhere.  At Hot Corner Athletics, we are particularly fond of it.  What does it really mean though?

We see athletes crushing working outs and skill development sessions all the time BUT I’m here to tell you MOST of these athletes are still being outworked by the truly dedicated athletes.  Hard work is like character. It is not about what you do when your coaches are watching, it’s about what you do when only have yourself to be held accountable.

  • Are you sleeping 8+ hours every night?
    • Or are you staying up late playing Fortnite daily?
  • Are you eating breakfast you should be?  (Most athletes should be kick-starting your day with a LARGE healthy breakfast)
    • Or do you wake up 30min before school and rush to get ready without eating?
  • Are you moving your body daily taking care of your range of motion?
    • Or are you sitting almost hours of the day and letting your body stiffen up?

My question to you is simple.  How bad do you really want it?

Do you really want it?!    OR      Do you just kinda want it?

If you REALLY want it.  You need to address these things now.  Don’t wait to start them. Start today.  Get after it, both in the gym AND outside of the gym. Wake up earlier than your classmates and make breakfast.  Own your progress. Own your development. Don’t sit behind because you see your teammates doing it.  Be better. Don’t blend in with the crowd of mediocrity. If you want to miss workouts, skip meals, lose sleep, and be average that’s fine.  If you want to be the best though own the basics. Do the little things with incredible consistency and I promise you that good thing will happen. Take ownership of your athletic career, of your academics, of your life. This is what differentiates success.

I think it is only fitting to end with the same quote that we started with, but this time remember what hard work actually looks like.

“Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

– Tim Notke
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